Hi, I’m a software engineer based out of Atlanta, GA but currently living mostly abroad.

I’m interested in backend eng roles via either

  • remote c2c against my LLC: Ibex Labs, amilkov@eyebex.tech
  • full-time if the company allows me to work from abroad, at least for a large chunk of the year

in the domains of finance, crypto, and ML, but willing to work in any domain.

My experience resides in

  • distributed systems: I’ve worked on a variety of complex backend architectures
  • programming language theory: I’ve worked in nearly every programming language paradigm
    • functional (typed and dynamic): Haskell, Scala, Clojure
      • systems: Rust
    • get things done: Python, Golang, JavaScript/Typescript
    • ugh: Java
  • finance: I’m self taught here (but also self taught in programming and have had no problems there 🙂) and have no work experience as of yet: ML for trading, quantitative finance, valuation, economics