Hi, I’m a software engineer based out of…somewhere in the world. I don’t update this often enough to know

I’m interested in backend (or fullstack) eng roles via either

in the domains of frontend/backend development, web3/blockchain, finance/fintech, and datascience/ML/AI, but willing to work in any domain if my coworkers are cool

My experience resides in

  • distributed systems: I’ve worked on a variety of complex backend architectures
  • blockchain: I’ve implemented web3 services against the Solana blockchain. Mostly recently migrating Render from Ethereum to Solana
  • programming language theory: I’ve worked in nearly every programming language paradigm
    • functional (typed and dynamic): Haskell, Scala, Clojure
      • systems: Rust
    • get things done: Python, Golang, JavaScript/Typescript
    • Java: if I’m literally homeless/desperate for work (please stop writing Java)
  • finance/economics: self taught here. across the standard macro/micro-economics, accounting, corporate valuations, value investing, etc and the quantitative: ML for trading (actually took a graduate course on this), quantitative finance, high frequency trading